• Hytera Intelligent Body Temperature Screening Integrated Solution

Hytera’s Intelligent Temperature Screening Solution is designed for the detection of body temperatures in order to meet the safety needs of high traffic public areas such as office buildings, airports or shopping centres. It provides non-contact, instant preliminary temperature screening with access control using infrared sensor thermal technology.

How does the Intelligent Temperature Screening Solution Work?


Transport Hubs

Mass numbers constantly move through airports and railway stations everyday. Hytera Temperature Screening Solutions are designed for the rapid and efficient detection of skin-surface temperatures, meeting safety needs for: Entrances, Exits, Departure and Arrival Terminal areas. In airports, if it is detected that someone has an abnormal temperature, it could reduce the risk of the further infection spreading on flights, back at home, or even abroad.


The non-contact camera detects distances up to 3m which ensures no risk of infection.


The infrared detection function can detect multiple people at the same time. It could ensure that people will be screened rapidly when walking past – this can also help to reduce cross-infection risks.

Transport 01

Corporate Settings

When entering the office building lobby, non-contact temperature measurement devices can help to reduce cross-infection risks. Hytera Temperature Screening Solutions are designed for the rapid and efficient detection of skin-surface temperatures, meeting safety needs especially for: Reception entrances, Exits and busy canteen areas.

Non-contact Camera

Includes a dedicated infrared sensor that enables advanced facial recognition even with masks and accurate temperature measurement (±0.3℃)

Flexible Deployment

Easy to place in high traffic areas including entrances, lobbies and food canteen halls usually found in large office buildings.

Alarm System

The Hytera temperature screening solution includes an alarm notification triggering system with remote monitoring that can be used with multimode radios such as the PDC550 when abnormal temperature is detected.

Office 02

University Campuses

When entering busy University campus areas, the Hytera Temperature Screening non-contact measurement device can help to reduce cross-infection risks by detecting skin-surface temperatures.

Multiple Locations - One Solution

Our temperature screening solution meets the safety needs of a large campus, especially for: Reception entrances, lecture auditoriums, busy canteen areas and even student accommodation buildings.

Security and Safety

It allows security staff to achieve mobile monitoring by getting the abnormal temperature warnings through integration with Hytera multimode terminals.

Built for High Traffic

Due to the high number of students at any one time on campus, a solution for non-contact temperature detection is needed for providing instant results. The temperature screening application enables this to be achieved.

Uni Campus 01

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